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How we built Arc’teryx following to 300k


With the rapid growth of TikTok in recent years, our clients continue to approach us with a problem to solve. How can they grow (or launch) their brand on TikTok and develop strong brand advocates that lead to conversion?

Here’s how we brought Arc’teryx from 900 to 290k followers, support Red Bull & lululemon in strategy & content creation, as well as launch underwear brand BN3TH, and apparel brand 686.


We’ve collaborated with brands on their TikTok launch and it goes without saying that each brand demands its own custom strategy to engage with its unique audience. However, there are some techniques we stand by that have been successful across the board:

Risk / Reward

Many brands still feel the internal pressure to stick to brand guidelines while on the platform, but TikTok favours the opposite (e.g RyanAir). TikTok will reward those who try new things, speak their language, and aren’t salesy. Your audience will sniff out a sales pitch in fractions of a second.

First “hooks”, now “kicks”?

We’ve all heard of the hook: that thumb stopping intro that grabs attention… but what about retention? With so much content in front of our eyes, filter through the noise by maximizing retention using frequent hooks (or kicks) throughout an edit. Your audience needs a reason to stick around.

Entertainment always wins

A study by TikTok says that "being entertained" is the main trigger for purchase on the platform. How-to videos don't have to be dreadful.

Don’t just copy trends

Find a brand or product twist within a current trend that's unique to you. When a brand up-levels a trend, people notice.


Arc’teryx: Followers grew from 900 to 290,000 in 2 years, with 40 million total video views.

Red Bull:  Above benchmark with best performing TikTok surpassing 120 million total video views.

Lululemon: Product launch campaign delivered 8+ million video views

686 Technical Apparel:  4.5x follower growth and 2x engagement rate to 6.3% over 3 months.

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