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TikTok Don't Stop


Outdoor equipment company Arc’teryx approached us with a problem to solve: how can they build their TikTok community, while maintaining (some) brand consistency? They weren’t looking to join the lip-syncing, dance community that the platform has been (was?) famous for, but more so to pave their own, unique path.

And the timing couldn’t have been better:

  • With the primary Gen-Z user base continuing to grow, we saw a shift in the demo to 42% being 25 to 45 years old. It’s clear this platform is no longer ruled by tweens.
  • In late 2021, TikTok surpassed Google as the most popular domain in the world, seeing over 1 billion views per day.


Arc’teryx, as well as other organizations we've partner with in the TikTok landscape are primarily sport-focussed retail brands, who have a vast archive of footage to work with; from elite athletic achievements, to product and lifestyle content. Repurposing content has been a hugely successful way for a brand to enter the landscape, as TikTok doesn’t care when content was created. It’s all about weaving a different, much snappier story that follows what works best on the platform: raw, authentic, DIY content.

Our strategy focusses on producing a healthy spread of content styles: repurposed vs. original vs. trends. The most risky style of content is to hop on a trend, as playing off of a trending TikTok is often so 'out there' that it can be hard to draw a connection to the brand. But thats ok, if it's entertaining, right?

Yep. The perfect TikTok doesn’t try to sell you something.

Our success drivers have been to capitalize on showing the lighter side of the Arc’ brand, speak to a new audience, and tell new stories, all while leveraging their elite athlete roster. And frequency… we post often so the brand doesn’t get lost in the mix.


In the first 6 months the @arcteryx account grew from 2.5k to 69k followers, with some Toks surpassing half a million views.

We hop on trends, create rapid-video responses to their community, use as many of the in-app features as possible (the algorithm favours this), select trending music, use the talk-to-text feature, and timely and trending #hashtags.

It goes without saying that the Arc’teryx teams willingness to take risks, understand the unique ways of TikTok, mixed with their witty and relevant captioning and community engagement has been an immeasurable part of the success of far.

Our challenge for the foreseeable future will be to stay on top of the most rapidly evolving social platform on the planet. As 'wild wild west' as TikTok still seems, there’s one thing for sure; this platform isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Think fast, take risks.

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