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Ain't No Superman

Natasha Pheko

“I Ain't No Superman” the central hip hop musical number from MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ original 2019 work AWAY with HOME has been given a new look in a dance-based video created through the medium of motion graphics & animation. Streetdance Choreographer Natasha Gorrie and Director Elaine Carol worked with a cast of representative professional dancers from across British Columbia’s hip hop scene to explore young people’s struggles with mental health, connection, disconnection, and fluctuating feelings of powerlessness, confinement, and hope for young people struggling in a time of plague and uncertainty.

Post-Production Studio: Magnafire

Motion Graphics, Editing: Magnafire, Christian Noel

Technical Directors: Magnafire, Darren Rayner, Jon Hunwick

Produced by: Magnafire

Song Performance / Music and Lyrics: Natasha Pheko

Director & Executive Producer: Elaine Carol

Choreographer: Natasha Gorrie

Engineered & mixed by: Jaime Estalella Giron

Dancers: Petra Ayedzi, Jason Bempong, Roberta Bierman, Courtney Calnan, Eric Cheung, Helen Dang, Natasha Gorrie, Simran Sachar, Tegvaran Sooch.

Storyboard Artist: Tiffany Yang

Production Manager: Katja Schlueter