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BC One Social Campaign

Red Bull

Red Bull BC One is a global one-on-one breaking competition, considered to be the most prestigious event of its kind.

Magnafire partnered with Red Bull Canada to develop a string of content for their core community optimized for TikTok and Instagram. The multi-platform approach utilized digital and traditional media to solidified the brand as the global leader in breaking.

We hit the streets with 5 seasoned Vancouver breakers to 5 iconic locations across the city with the goal to build anticipation and drive awareness to the main event. Our team utilized ultra wide technology, with fast camera moves and low perspectives to give a first person feel, as though you’re right there in the action.

Director: Darren Rayner

Producer: Jon Hunwick

AD: Nigel Edwards

Camera Operator: Jon Hunwick

Photographer: Kyle Gibson

PA: Daryl Jue

Editor: Christian Noel

Breakers: Phil Wizard, Emma, Momo, Stray Curt, BBoy Eloquence

Talent Management (Phil): Parallel Sports Marketing / Marshall Talbot