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Testing Grounds


What drives the inquisitive mind to create? And how long do we endure failure to uncover success?

Achievement looks different to every human and sometimes looks unfamiliar, even to those who achieve their goals. Testing Grounds is a short film about a man failing upward on the long climb to reinvention and the pain he endures to rise above a family’s legacy of failure.

Production studio: Magnafire

Director: Darren Rayner

Created and Produced by: Ryan Proctor

Director of Photography: David Peacock

Cinematography / Drone: Christian Noel, Darren Rayner

Editing / Motion Graphics: Darren Rayner, Jon Hunwick, Christian Noel

Writer: Mike Berard

Script Writer: Nigel Edwards

Voice Over: The VO Studio

Starring: Joey Vosburgh, Bob Rayner