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Through The Years


The past 7 years has been filled with incredible opportunities that come with unique challenges. It’s these challenges that keep us excited and proud of the creative outcome.

Since 2015 our team has travelled to far corners of the globe with cameras in hand, experiencing unique cultures, learning from remarkable people, and creating content we hope inspires and entertains.

We’ve been given the opportunity to tell stories highlighting exceptional achievements in sport, human performance, technology, music, sustainability, medicine & automotive with some of the most driven and interesting people on the planet.

The Magnafire family is so grateful to collaborate with brands we believe in, and that align with our values. Brands that give us the opportunity to push ourselves creatively and try new things.

I couldn’t be more proud of our team of incredibly talented directors, editors, DP’s, writers, strategists, storytellers and our freelance network that always put their best foot forward… and also enjoy a good #DadJoke or 2.

Thank you for being a part of Magnafire, we appreciate you and are more excited than ever to continue this ride with you all. 🤙

-Darren Rayner, Creative Director & Founder